Q: Why should I use Steam X?
A: Steam X strives to protect the buyer, as well as
the seller when it comes to money and returns.
When a person buys an item/product on Steam X,
the funds transferred are kept secure and withheld
by Steam X for 7 days.
During this period, the person buying has 7 days
to decide if the item/product is in satisfactory condition
and is as advertised.
The buyer can contact Steam X to log a return, if the
item/product is not in satisfactory condition, or not
as advertised.
Funds will be returned to the buyer upon successful
return of the item/product.
If no contact is made with Steam X, the funds will be
automatically released to the seller.
Q: How should I price the items/products I want to sell?
A: A rule of thumb to keep in mind when selling
second-hand items/products, is to deduct 40% off of the
original retail price (what you, the seller, paid).
Furthermore, deduct further based on condition of the
item, such as damage, scratches, wear and tear, etc.
Keep in mind that the lower the price, the quicker
you'll get a sale.
Q: What if the items/product I listed are sold outside of Steam X?
A: You, the seller, are responsible to contact Steam X via any of our
contact methods to remove your listing if the items/products are sold
outside of Steam X.
If a buyer pays for any item/product which has already been sold
on Steam X or outside of Steam X, funds will be returned back to
the buyer.
Q: I suspect a listed item/product was stolen. What can I do?
A: You may use any of our contact methods to notify us with evident
proof that an item/product listed on Steam X was stolen.
Steam X will then take measures to report the item/product to the
authorities and remove the listing, if enough proof was sent to Steam X.