How to Buy


In this in-depth explanation, the [buyer] refers to the person paying for a product listed by the [seller] on Steam X.

The [seller] refers to the person selling a product through Steam X.



The [buyer] can search for any product(s) listed by the [seller(s)] on Steam X.

Products listed on Steam X are categorized by province, for the [buyers] convenience.

No information of the [seller]’s contact details or address will be available to any [buyer] prior to purchase.

After the purchase had been made by the [buyer], contact and address information of the [seller] will be made available to the [buyer] via email.



It is the [buyer]’s responsibility to contact the [seller], after purchase had been made, to arrange shipping or self-collection.

Shipping of the product(s) purchased by the [buyer] will be on the [buyer]’s account.



Funds transferred to the [seller] will be withheld for 7 (seven) days after purchase, during which it is the [buyer]’s responsibility to inspect the product(s) at the [buyer]’s own discretion and according to product(s) as advertised.

If the [buyer] had not contacted the [seller] to arrange a return of product(s) purchased, funds will be automatically released to the [seller] in 7 (seven) days after purchase.



In the case that the [buyer] is not satisfied with the product(s), it is the [buyer]’s responsibility to contact the [seller], within 7 (seven) days after purchase, and arrange shipping at the [seller]’s own account, or collection at an arranged collection point.

The [buyer] should then contact Steam X to arrange return of funds transferred to the [seller].