How to Sell


In this in-depth explanation, the [buyer] refers to the person paying for a product listed by the [seller] on Steam X.

The [seller] refers to the person selling a product through Steam X.


Creating a listing:

The [seller(s)] can list their product(s) on Steam X by registering an email and following the link “I Want to Sell”.

The [seller] will be directed to a form to provide Steam X with details concerning the product(s), contact details, address and banking details.


Product(s) Information:

[Seller(s)] need to provide Steam X with as much detail about the product(s) as possible.

This includes faults, scratches, imperfections, electronic issues, missing parts, original packaging (if applicable), year of, included extras (if applicable), and photos in a well-lit area, showing each side of the product(s) as well as showing working condition.

If the product(s) are part of a kit, the [seller] needs to list each part individually, as well as pricing of each part individually.

Kit here refers to more than 1 (one) pieces of hardware.

Each piece needs to be able to function on its own.


Seller information:

It is the [seller]’s responsibility to provide the buyer with as much information as possible regarding contact and address details.

This information will not be available to any person on Steam X prior to purchasing any product(s).

The [seller] has 3 options regarding how the [buyer] will receive their item(s); Shipping only, Self-collection only or both.

The [buyer(s)] will receive the [seller]’s details via email after purchase. In the case that the [seller] chooses Shipping only, [buyer(s)] will not receive address details of the [seller].


Contact details:

This information will be made available to the [buyer] to contact the [seller].


Address details:

This information will be made available to the [buyer], should the [buyer] have the option to arrange self-collection.

The [seller] has the option to restrict the [buyer] from getting this information if the [seller] chooses only to ship the product(s) to the [buyer], rather than give the [buyer] the option to self-collect.


Bank details:

This information will NOT be made available to the [buyer].

This information is kept secure by Steam X and used for release of funds transferred by the [buyer]. See Funds section.



It is the [buyer]’s responsibility to contact the [seller], after purchase had been made, to arrange shipping or self-collection.

Shipping of the product(s) purchased by the [buyer] will be on the [buyer]’s account.



In the case that the [buyer] is not satisfied with the product(s), it is the [buyer]’s responsibility to contact the [seller], within 7 (seven) days after purchase, and arrange shipping at the [seller]’s own account, or collection at an arranged collection point.

The [buyer] should then contact Steam X to arrange return of funds transferred to the [seller]. The [seller] is responsible to contact Steam X in regards to receiving the product(s) from the [buyer].



Any transfer of funds from the [buyer] to the [seller], will be withheld for 7 days after purchase.

Steam X will transfer funds to the [seller] automatically after 7 days, if the [buyer] had not contacted the [seller] to arrange a return of product(s) purchased.